Davis-Galloway Award

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The Davis-Galloway Empowerment Award is established in honor of Ivanetta Hughes Davis and the late Lettie S. Galloway, two outstanding charter members of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., Metropolitan Nashville Chapter. The accomplishments and personal character of Ivanetta and Lettie inspire women in all walks of life to excel to leadership, superior performance and give unselfishly of themselves to assist others. Their strength and perseverance exemplify the special women of our community, and indeed, reflect the greatness of all that we are and all that we can achieve.

This award, which recognizes and honors women who ascend to leadership through outstanding advocacy, effective networking, and superlative community service, will be presented annually. Our community is blessed by women of intelligence, grace and strength of character who demonstrate the capacity of all women to achieve, regardless of barriers that may confront them. Through sheer determination and commitment, women throughout our community have enjoyed personal achievement by touching the lives of others—inspiring and modeling the sometimes elusive goal of success. It is our honor to celebrate the successes and achievements of these women during our annual conference.




Past Davis-Gallowary Award Recipients 


2012 Dr. Harriet Bias Insignares

Dr. Aldorothy Wright Dr. Wright is pictured at the 2011 Sister-for-Sister Conference with her family: (L to R): Vernon Gilliam, Margaret Gilliam, Dr. Wright, Ella Hall, Veronica Marable Johnson
Senator Thelma Harper
Dr. Vanessa Jones Briscoe
Marquetta L. Faulkner
Cleatrice McTorry
Brenda Gilmore
Stephanie Bailey
Ivanetta H. Davis
Lettie S. Galloway